Hanging pictures

hanging pictures

Hanging pictures can be quite a drag. It takes a lot of work: when you’re hanging pictures you need to use all kinds of tools, measure exactly where to drill a hole, drill holes in your walls or damage your walls with nails … and when you’re finally done, you’re pretty much stuck with the way your pictures are hanging. If you’d like to add another picture frame or would like to rearrange them you have to do it all over again…

But wait, there’s a great solution to solve this problem: a picture hanging system! It allows you to hang your pictures flexibly and securely without using tools, nails or screws.

The system consists of aluminum picture rail (with complementary mounting materials), cables and matching picture hooks. Once the picture rail is installed on your wall or ceiling you’ll never need to use a tool again to hang your picture frames or wall decorations!

The picture hanging cord / cable simply hooks into the picture rail at any spot you’d like to hang a picture. After that you can slide our special picture hooks over the cord to adjust it to the required height.

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Hanging pictures is very easy with the picture rail by STAS picture hanging systems!



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