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Picture hanging systems: get the hang of hanging art

The best way to describe a picture hanging system is by describing its biggest advantage: a hanging system will let you rearrange your wall decorations as often as you wish without damaging walls, using tools or creating mess.

  1. STAS minirail

    STAS minirail

    Starting at: £11.89

    The patented STAS minirail system is the thinnest and most innovative picture hanging system in the world. If you want an elegant, barely visible hanging system, the STAS minirail system is your best choice. Learn More
  2. STAS hooks + cords

    Hooks + cords

    Starting at: £4.09

    There are combinations of hooks and cords for loads up to 4 kg, 15 kg and 20 kg to choose from. Use one hook + cord for small frames and two for larger ones.  

    Learn More
  3. STAS cliprail max

    STAS cliprail max

    Starting at: £12.59

    The STAS cliprail max features a top rim that connects with your ceiling. With this system, your ceiling, wall and picture hanging system smoothly unite. Learn More
  4. Traditional picture rail hook

    STAS moulding hook + perlon cord with loop 150 cm (59") + STAS zipper


    STAS moulding hook + perlon cord with loop 150 cm (59") + zipper. Suitable for traditional picture rail mouldings (wooden picture rail). The moulding hook is available in three colours: white, natural aluminium and gold. Learn More

Imagine the world of opportunities that opens up when rearranging and redecorating no longer require drilling, or even effort!

Picture hanging systems consist of (paintable) aluminium rail, cords and hooks. The picture rail can be mounted on your wall in a heartbeat. Your drill can then be put away. Hook the steel- or transparent cords into the rail and slide the picture hooks over the cord. You decide where the cords and hooks go. And can rearrange them at will.

The picture rail can be mounted on virtually all wall types, including plaster walls, brick walls and drywall.

Hanging pictures… and more!

Hang pictures, photos and artwork, but feel just as free to hang clocks, mirrors, bulletin boards, dartboards, calendars or seasonal decorations. STAS stands for complete wall decoration.

Or easily create a gallery wall, art display or collage, no planning required. You can make it up and adjust easily as you go along. And change it all up again when you don’t like what you see.

Picture rail: wood or aluminium

STAS picture hanging systems consist of (paintable) aluminium picture rail and matching cords, cables and hooks.

Do you have wooden picture rail installed on your walls? No problem. STAS also offers picture rail hooks for wooden picture rail mouldings.

These moulding hooks can still be combined with the STAS perlon cords, steel cables and matching picture hooks for an equally flexible and secure arrangement of your wall decor.

Simply hang a cord from your moulding hook by its loop and slide a STAS zipper or STAS smartspring over the cord to the desired height. The result: effortless picture hanging with a more traditional look.

STAS hangs around

STAS provides picture hanging systems for home use, as well as for the world's most renowned museums, galleries, schools, universities, offices and governmental institutions. Our hanging systems can be used in all types of rooms, on all types of walls. Moreover, we provide systems for all budgets, in all quantities.

These versatile applications and almost twenty years of experience make us willing to say: we know a thing or two about hanging picture frames.