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The first step in assembling your picture hanging system is choosing a picture rail. Pick one of three types below. Your choice will depend on the look you prefer and the weight you wish to hang.

In summary:
• STAS cliprail pro: an elegant hanging system also suited to hanging heavier works of art.
• STAS cliprail max: this rail type eliminates the gap between the rail and your ceiling; wall, ceiling and rail become one.
• STAS minirail: a very narrow – yet strong – rail that will blend in with any interior.

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Picture hanging systems

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  1. STAS minirail

    Starting at: £2.05

    STAS minirail stands out because of its minimalist design. It is an extremely narrow rail that can nevertheless carry weights up to 25 kg per linear metre. The elegant STAS minirail system will easily blend into the background to let your pictures shine.
  2. STAS cliprail max

    Starting at: £4.28

    STAS cliprail max is a rail type that eliminates the small gap above the rail. A top rim connects the rail to the ceiling. Picture rail, wall and ceiling become one for an immaculate finish.
  3. STAS cliprail pro

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    Starting at: £4.28

    STAS cliprail pro is a thick-walled rail profile that can carry up to 45 kg per linear metre. Still, the rail maintains an elegant and attractive look, which will blend in beautifully with the design of your home or office space. So, if you are looking for a strong yet elegant picture hanging system, STAS cliprail pro will be your choice.
  4. STAS j-rail

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    Starting at: £0.89

    STAS j-rail is ideal for applications where pictures need to be alternated on high walls.

    This simple and strong hanging system, which was inspired by the shape of the letter J, can be used in many different ways. When used in combination with the hanging rods, the STAS j-rail is ideal for applications where pictures need to be alternated on high walls.

    Step 1: Choose the rail colour and length
    Step 2: Choose the quantity of STAS j-rail perlon cord with disc anchor and length
    Step 3: Choose the quantity of STAS cylinder hook (one cylinder hook per perlon cord with disc anchor)
    Step 4: Choose the number of Smartspring hooks (up to 4kg) or Zipper hooks (up to 15kg)
    Don't forget if you want to save some money on shipping costs, consider ordering a shorter rail to reduce the cost of shipping, order 150cm instead of 200cm to take advantage, the rails will be easier to handle and transport.
  5. STAS papergrip + installation kit

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    STAS papergrip is one rail that has two uses. Thanks to a strip, paper and small posters can be easily locked into the rail and can be removed again with a single motion. Secondly, cards and similar objects can be placed in the special edge on top of the rail.
  6. STAS j-rail max

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    Starting at: £11.86

    The STAS j-rail max, 200 cm / 78.75 inch, has been designed for heavy paintings. Simple and massively strong - loads up to 220 lbs (100 kg) per linear meter. This explains why this system is extensively used in galleries and museums all over the world. An additional anti-theft system is available. Dimensions: 9 x 20mm
  7. STAS multirail - compile your own set

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    Starting at: £19.88

    STAS multirail is a globally patented picture hanging system equipped with integrated 12 V power supply wires (low voltage), with a maximum load: 99.21 lbs (45 kg) per meter. Lighting fixtures with LED lamps can be clicked into the rail at any spot to illuminate your wall decorations.
  8. STAS sample set

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    Includes £5.00 discount coupon. Not quite ready to make that final decision? In all cases of doubt about which STAS products to order, the STAS sample set might be a great tool.

    The set contains samples of:
    • Rails: STAS minirail, STAS cliprail pro, STAS cliprail max, STAS j-rail, STAS u-rail & STAS plasterrail
    • Hooks: STAS zipper and STAS smartspring
    • Cords: STAS perlon cord with cobra & STAS steel cord with cobra Please email us if you require any additional samples not mentioned

  9. STAS u-rail 150 cm + installation kit

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    The STAS u-rail has been purpose-designed to turn a drop ceiling into a flexible hanging system in a matter of minutes. The rail length is 59 inch (150 cm) and it's available in a black and white colour. The rail can be attached almost completely invisibly to wooden ceiling tile support strips or any other wooden surface,
  10. STAS u-rail

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    Starting at: £2.99

    STAS u-rail can be attached almost completely invisibly to wooden ceiling tile support strips or any other wooden surface. The rail is specially designed for suspended ceilings.

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