Art lighting system

STAS multirailSTAS multirailSTAS multirail

Are you looking for something to illuminate your pictures or artwork in your own home or workspace? Or do you have a gallery or an art studio for which you need lighting systems to highlight your artworks? We believe that art lighting is an art in itself. With STAS, though, you can never go wrong. How so? Many types of light sources do not aim for the specific. But in art lighting, specific is what you need. Therefore, to illuminate multiple artworks, one needs multiple light sources. Too bad that many types of lighting of artwork are inflexible and attached to walls, ceilings or frames.

But.. STAS has the solution! STAS integrates art lighting with art hanging systems. This combination offers wireless lighting of artwork that is forever flexible: it can be moved without any tools! The same goes for your works of art. How so? STAS art lighting is integrated in a STAS art hanging system.
We like to introduce to you.. the STAS multirail - Art hanging and Art lighting in one convenient system!

The STAS multirail:

  • An art hanging system with integrated (wireless) art lighting
  • One installation moment after which you can change or move your art endlessly
  • Contributes to sustainable building management
  • Has a carrying capacity of up to 45 kg per meter
  • Can be complemented with 3 stylishly designed artwork light fixtures, which can be clicked in the rail at any spot
  • One light source which can supply power to a minimum of 3 and a maximum of up to 30 LED lights, depending on the kind of adapter and the watt voltage of the lights


Art gallery lighting systems

Art gallery lighting requires specific attention to sustainability, safety, pricing and of course: flexibility. That’s why STAS offers art lighting that combines all four of these principles. Imagine an art display that can be rearranged and illuminated at will, without tools, without extra drill holes. A perfect hanging system for sustainable building management. This is the kind of art display you could create with STAS.

In our webshop you can easily compile your own STAS multirail system.

STAS multirailSTAS multirailSTAS multirail

Artwork light fixtures

STAS fixture classicSTAS fixture signoSTAS fixture sirius

STAS offers three types of light fixtures. Your choice depends primarily on your own taste, the height of your wall and the dimensions of your artworks. We recommend the longer fixture of 70 cm for walls higher than 2.70 meters.

STAS fixtures

Led lighting for artwork

STAS led spots

Led for artworks and paintings? That’s right. The STAS lighting fixtures are elegant designs equipped with led lamps; the lamps in the fixtures are 4 W powerLED lamps. Led is extremely energy efficient (20 times as durable as traditional lamps!!) and moreover, it is safe for lighting your artworks: it doesn’t generate heat or infrared radiation. Led saves both energy and artwork. It saves energy because it simply doesn’t use as much as for instance halogen does. Moreover, it converts 80% of its energy into light rather than warmth. (Halogen instead, converts 80% of its energy to heat.) And led saves artwork because the lamps do not get hot (so colours won't fade and paint won't melt), or emit damaging UV or infrared radiation.

In short: led seems to have been invented for picture lighting!

STAS multirail

How does the STAS multirail work?

In one sentence: your wall art lighting fixtures are clicked into a picture rail, rather than attached to your wall or ceiling, like the usual wall mounted picture lights.

The STAS multirail is a globally patented picture hanging system which consists of a picture rail with integrated 12 V power supply wires (low voltage), running all the way through. The STAS multirail is mounted on a wall and cords are hooked into the rail to hang art. Simply slide hooks over the cord to the desired height and hang your artwork. The STAS multirail has a carrying capacity up to 99.21 lbs (45 kg) per meter! To finish the display, light fixtures with LED lamps can be clicked into the STAS multirail at any spot to illuminate the artworks.The STAS multirail is available in the colours white or silver and in a length of 200 centimeters.

You can compile your own STAS multirail set. A STAS multirail set consists of:

  • 1. Power adapter: supplies electricity to your multirail system. One 18 W adapter will supply power to a maximum of 16 meter / 8 segments of rail, and to a maximum of 4 LED lamps (4 W).
  • 2. Rail: indicate the number of rail segments 78.74 inch (200 cm) you wish to order. Please respect a maximum of 8 segments per adapter. The included installation kit contains all necessary plugs, screws and a straight rail connector to correctly install the rail (corner connectors available separately).
  • 3. Fixtures: Choose the right model and the number of lighting fixtures you need.
  • 4. Led spots: Choose what kind and the amount of LED spots you need. They are not included with the fixtures. The output is the equivalent of a regular 20W lamp. You will need one LED light per fixture.
  • 5. Hooks and cords: Finally, choose STAS hooks and cords to complete the system and hang your art.

Has the time come to rearrange your artworks? Simply rearrange the cords and the fixtures and you’re done. No tools required!

How do you install the STAS multirail?