STAS for B2B

Why Use STAS for B2B?

STAS is the place to be for beautiful, high-quality picture hanging systems. It can be mounted on to every wall and ceiling type and no matter how much you what to change your room arrangement, STAS can be as flexible and versatile as you need.

 What can STAS offer my company?

 Our company also includes expert advice from our professional sales employees who can also offer you fast quotations and delivery of the complete system to the whole of the UK.

As a B2B client, we will supply you with samples and booklets for your customers and also an additional range of products that are not available for the general retail market. You will also receive assistance with quotes and after sale service to help you complete every job you take on.


We offer two separate discount services:

  1. Bulk buys(over £5000) – Depending on the project, you can receive 10-20% discount.
  2. Smaller but regular purchases
        a. Regular purchases are looked at over a whole year of purchasing with us.
        b. As soon as you start using STAS we will be able to set you up with a unique discount code that you can use on the website to make purchasing quick and easy.
        c. Discount percentages can reach up to 25%  once you spend over £15,000 a year


Discount Levels

Minimum before going down a level

Maximum before next level

Discount Percent

Level 1




Level 2




Level 3




Level 4

£15,000 +



How do I get set up or find out more?

The first step is to give us a call or email us. This way we can assess your requirements and look at what your best option is.

Once you’ve been setup on our website or working with a sales rep, we will be able to quote, purchase and delivery the product within 1-2 working days. Any special orders may take longer due to being shipped from Europe HQ.

To get in contact with us you can either call us on 01494 459545 and speak to a member of the team or, Email to get more information.