Hanging installation service

What Hang it services does

Hang it Services has hung art for many of the foremost interior designers in the UK, and we are proud to offer their services to our customers.

Hang it Services has hung thousands of artworks in many of show homes and other properties throughout London and south east UK. We can work with fine prints but also very valuable pieces, we have hung each and every one safely, securely and with the utmost precision.

In case you are looking to have one single piece, or several pieces hung with the utmost attention and care, then Hang it Services will be happy to help. You may have recently moved and/or need a property entirely hung with artwork. Hang it Services is happy to help with this as well.

What Hang it services offers

Visual Advice: When and where you choose to hang art in a property, it can make an enormous difference. With the great amount of experience Hang it services has in interior design, we can advise you on the best location.

Safety: If Hang it services hangs it, it will stay put. They’re fully insured and are very much able to arrange additional cover quickly for particularly valuable items, no matter to what extent. Hang it services has the knowlegde and mounting materials to always use the correct fixings for the job. They carry a range with them, of both hard wall and drywall or plasterboard mounting materials to hang your pieces on the wall in a safe manner.

Security fixings: With the need for extra security for particularly valuable pieces of artwork Hang it services also offers security fixing. Security fixings provide two functions; they are anti-fall and anti-theft. This makes them great for high value pieces, and also for extra piece of mind in homes with for example small children, where artwork might be knocked easily. Security fixing is also a great service for landlords renting out furnished properties or in the communal area of apartments.

Honesty and Clarity: Hang it services' pricing is clear cut and precise. There are no hidden extra charges. They provide bespoke estimates for all installations and if they complete a task sooner than estimated then we will gladly adjust accordingly.


Any questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us: 01494 459545 or email: info@hangingsystems.com
or call Hang it services directly on 0208 0045563

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