Picture hanging track systems

Our picture hanging track systems are made of aluminum. They’re massively strong and provide the perfect solution to hang your pictures elegantly and flexibly without using nails or any tools. We offer several different types of picture hanging tracks, each one features a specific profile. All picture hanging track systems serve a specific purpose and provide unique advantages.

Picture hanging tracks

minirail picture hanging track The STAS minirail system is the thinnest and most innovative picture hanging track system in the world. The rail is available in white or a natural aluminium colour. This elegant, barely visible track system is only 16 mm wide. cliprail max picture hanging track The STAS cliprail max features a top rim that connects with your ceiling. With this system, your ceiling, wall and hanging system smoothly unite. cliprail pro picture hanging track The thick-walled and massively strong rail makes the STAS cliprail pro system an ideal solution when heavier works of art need to be hung on a track system that still looks elegant and attractive.