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Traditional picture rail hooks

Combining a traditional picture rail moulding hook with a perlon cord and the patented STAS zipper hook gives you the best way to hang your pictures from a wooden picture rail. Available in white, gold and natural aluminium.
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Modern picture rail hooks


With the picture rail hooks from STAS picture hanging systems, hanging your pictures is easy and safe. Our different hooks can carry loads up to 44 lbs! The STAS smartspring and the STAS zipper are easy to adjust and applicable for every STAS rail system. With these functional hooks you can vary the height and position of your paintings and pictures quickly.

We carry an extensive collection of picture rail hooks and cords, picture hangers, security picture hangers, partition wall hooks to hang your pictures perfectly and securely.

The perlon cord is almost invisible. In combination with the STAS smartspring it can bear a load of up to 8.8 lbs and with a STAS zipper up to 33 lbs per cord.

The steel cable is suitable for hanging heavier wall decorations. Can be used in combination with a zipper for loads up to 44 lbs per cable. With the zipper, a white or black steel cable is suitable for loads up to 22 lbs.

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Changing your paintings, pictures and wall decorations couldn't be easier using our matching picture hooks and cords.

STAS picture hanging systems has confirmed its status as the world's most innovative manufacturer of high-quality hanging systems.

STAS offers an extensive and unusually clever range of patented hanging systems that can be attached to the wall or ceiling and, in some cases, equipped with 12 volt power supply wires.